Real-time data and analysis to optimize your operations

Your intelligent control center for the whole processing chain

Legend Analytics™ monitors all types of business processes and provides
real-time information to management and engineers for operational improvements and cost reduction.

Prevent machinery malfunctions

Minimize downtime

Optimize labor

Maximize resource efficiency

"We have been working with Legend for over 5 years with incredible results across our portfolio. They’ve lowered our overall rates and in one case uncovered over $1M in utility overcharges."

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"With LegendAnalytics™ we can see how we are doing on production hours before SAP and have time to affect change for the better each day."

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Real-time operations management

Legend Analytics™ is your intelligent control center to track all disparate operational components, drastically reducing your natural resource intensity. See fully customizable energy data, resource consumption, labor efficiency, and costs in real time. We provide comprehensive data management by leveraging machine learning and proprietary AI to empower users with actionable intelligence and programmed reactions to machinery malfunctions or process failures.

Facility monitoring

Real-time collection of energy consumption, production, and maintenance data and analysis.

Downtime tracking

Minimize facility downtime with predictive analytics, with down to the second reporting and associated cause.

Efficiency consulting

Assess existing machinery and procedures to identify inefficiencies.

Enhanced metering

Understand the interworkings of each volumetric cost driver with active alerts and alarms to drive change.

Automated alerts, alarms, reporting, and ticketing

Drive change down to the individual stakeholder.

Facility automation

Automation is an increasingly essential component of safe and efficient business processes. Legend Analytics connects smart devices and enables seamless communication to promote efficiency, bypass human error and ensure the safety and longevity of workers and machinery. This gives stakeholders at every level of the organization the power to affect change.

Telemetry & controls

Remote data communication, monitoring, and controls. Automatically turn equipment and machinery on/off based on predetermined thresholds or building occupancy.

Event monitoring

Automated alerts for usage, cost, or emissions limits.

Automated ESG compliance

Automate major portions of your ESG reporting giving stakeholders at every level of the organization the power to affect change.

Real-time cost analysis

Almost all financial indicators lag behind operations by weeks or months in the form of utility bills and supplier invoices. The LegendAnalytics™ platform allows you to track your spending in real-time for an integrated and actual cost metric.

Integrated cost monitoring

Automated cost calculations and alerts aid operations management and avoid overages.

Predictive energy demand

Leverage cost tracking to inform future purchasing decisions and energy management strategy when paired with our Markets services.

Working seamlessly upstream across markets and infrastructure

All three of our service groups work seamlessly. Our analytics platform enables our clients to maximize their resource efficiency, optimize labor and inform their energy procurement strategy.


We make use of the real-time analytics to manage your energy strategy, maintain compliance, and navigate regulatory challenges.

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The Legend Analytics™ platform can clearly demonstrate the cost and resource savings of all infrastructure changes and improvements.

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