Optimize your physical and financial connection to your energy supply

Open up your energy efficiency possibilities

Infrastructure determines what operational and market opportunities will be possible in the future. We help customers understand how to optimize the physical and financial aspects of their infrastructure and find and develop markets for customers who produce excess energy.

Onsite generation

Solar projects

Battery storage

Energy efficiency projects

Utility interconnections

Cogen projects

"Legend infrastructure and market services made installing a 138kV substation, 14 miles of private transmission and designing a custom power product to save us millions easy and got power to our site several months ahead of schedule."

COO Mining company


Energy security begins with sound engineering. Our infrastructure team uses creative solutions to secure the most reliable and efficient resources to fuel your business.

Pipeline construction & tapping

Avoid utility delivery costs and unlock significant market opportunity through direct connection to interstate pipelines.

Substation & transmission project management

Private transmission, substation, and transmission voltage interconnection projects ranging from 1MW to 750MW+.

Cogeneration & trigeneration

Evaluate and implement the installation of onsite simultaneous generation of electricity, heating, and cooling from fuel combustion or solar heat.

Renewable energy projects

Legend helps customer design and implement a variety of solar projects both on site as well as community solar.

Battery storage

Negotiate challenges based on the physical, environmental, electrical, and regulator profile of the facility when using batteries.

Asset management

Existing energy infrastructure requires maintenance and active management. Legend’s team of experts ensures this process integrates seamlessly with your existing business operations while optimizing efficiency throughout.

Power plant dispatch

Deploy electric assets (onsite generation, batteries) to the grid in order to maximize profits.

Facility energy audit

Professional Engineers assess facility operations and implement efficiency solutions.

Lighting retrofits

Replace existing infrastructure with more efficient bulbs to save up to 90% in electric lighting demand and cost.

Power quality monitoring

Identify supply fluctuations and ensure accountability for correct provision from utility companies. Obtain refunds for damages caused by incorrect voltage utility delivery.

Remote control, automation, and preventative maintenance

LegendAnalytics™ can remotely manage your energy assets. Can also implement other remote energy systems inc. BMS and EMS.

Working up and downstream across operations and markets

All three of our service groups work seamlessly. Infrastructure decisions impact the analytics that can be gathered and this in turn will drive the types of market opportunities available.


Your energy and resource infrastructure will drive the types of market opportunities available to you.

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Infrastructure decisions directly impact the kind of data collection and analytics opportunities available to a business down the road or in operation.

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