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of efficient washing machines defrayed.

Two hospitality properties in Times Square which were being managed by Legend wanted to go deeper than simply reducing cost through energy procurement.

After successfully managing energy procurement for the company’s entire US portfolio of properties, Legend was able to identify properties that would benefit from our automated controls and analytics services to identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve guest experience.

Upon performing a site survey Legend determined that the PTAC (Packaged Thermal Air Conditioning) units were not only oversized and poorly designed for the space but also nearing end of life. Oversized units demand excess power, waste energy and increase power demand cost for the building. An oversized unit will also cool a room too rapidly, leaving the room uncomfortably humid. Rooms also lacked intelligent thermostats that would save energy by shutting off systems based on occupancy.

Legend developed a proposal to retrofit the properties with the again units with more efficient units and an in-room smart controls package to significantly reduce the building’s peak demand and energy cost.


Packaging the project in this way allowed Legend to obtain rebates saving the properties over $250k in installation costs and bringing the project ROI to less than 12 months. Such significant savings during peak demand also allowed Legend to replace the commercial washing machines at the property with more efficient units while also defraying 50% of that cost via energy efficiency rebates.

Legend provided with a turnkey solution, managing the installation, commissioning and rebate process for the entire project. Upon project completion, monthly savings were in excess of $25k per month, as projected, and customer complaints from failing units and uncomfortable rooms were eliminated, increasing building engineers’ efficiency, saving money and improving guest experience.

”Legend proactively works across our portfolio in both energy markets and demand side energy savings projects consistently driving value for our properties. They have come to be an indispensable partner for more than half a decade.”CEOHospitality Management Group

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saved in installation costs through rebates bringing the project ROI to less than 12 months.